Elba Island,Italy Plaza Village Scene #2

Elba Island, Italy, Plaza Village Scene #2
Mixed Media

After getting very picky for a few days, I enjoyed doing this mixed media version.
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Thank you for looking.

Elba Island Italy Village Scene

Elba Island Village Scene
5x7 (approx)
300lb watercolor paper

I'm enjoying Elba Island for it's varied subject matter and lighting. I think I saw a camp ground.

Elba Island, Piazza Umberto Watercolor/Pen

Elba Island, Piazza Umberto

Done from Google Street view for the Virtual Paint Out, this was drawn with the pen, without a pencil drawing first. There are mistakes but it feels more spontaneous and I think that comes across.


Elba Island Italy, Marciana Marina, Pen/Watercolor

Italy, Elba Island, Marciana Marina

I need to find another way to approach this subject. Too heavy handed for watercolor, too much manipulation with the pen. The drawing is O.K, though.