Semi-Nude 1

Semi Nude 1, Figure Drawing

These sessions are Monday-sometimes clothed which I don't care for as much. The session was full and I got a funcky spot to her extreme left but it worked out O.K. I was thinking of going earlier next time, but maybe it's a good challenge

Figure Drawing-Semi Nude

Figure-Semi Nude

I actually love figure drawing-just started with a new session after a long time away

New Orleans, Grape Street, Village Painting Watercolor

New Orleans, Grape Street, Village Painting

This corner of Grape Street, New Orleans, Village Painting found on Google Street View, was done for Bill Guffey Virtual Paint Out. (Bold letters, awkward title for google images)
I usually find images that appeal to me compositionally, as well as having interesting components-for me that can be weathered wood, older buildings, telephone poles, signs, foliage against a fence. This has many of those elements.